Mt. Calvary Catholic Cemetery | Bryan and Smetana, Texas Catholic Cemetery located in Bryan and Smetana, Texas

Mission Statement

Mission Statement of Mt.Calvary CemeteryWE, the Catholic parishes of St. Anthony Catholic Church, Saint Joseph Catholic Church, Saint Mary's Catholic Church, Saint Teresa Catholic Church and Saint Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church, ACKNOWLEDGE that Mount Calvary Catholic Cemetery, in the rich tradition of our faith, is a sacred resting place of those who have died. In the Code of Canon Law, Catholic cemeteries, like churches, chapels, shrines and altars, are considered "sacred places,” which are given a special blessing to set them apart and to highlight their sacred character.

WE ARE DEDICATED to the reverential care of the bodies of those who have died, which even in death remain part of the Catholic Church. The Catholic theological tradition has always maintained that all are created by God in His image. In life and in death, we all stand equal before God. In life and in death, discrimination is alien to Catholic belief.

WE ARE COMMITTED to the care of the graves and crypts that have been entrusted to us. The dead are laid to rest in the Catholic cemetery with prayerful dignity where they remain in an atmosphere permeated with all the devotion, reverence and respect of our Catholic faith.

WE ACKNOWLEDGE our role as custodians of historical records and will use whatever methods and technology is available to assure their accuracy and preservation.

WE WILL CONSOLE the bereaved through words and works. Mount Calvary Catholic Cemetery is a consolation to the bereaved and an inspiration to the living. We must be diligent in our efforts to care for these consecrated areas as holy resting grounds so that visitation by others for prayer and sacramentals may be accomplished in an appropriate manner.

WE CONFIRM AND ACCEPT that it is our responsibility to manage all finances associated with these Cemetery Properties, to be faithful stewards of the resources we have received, and to fulfill the Church’s mission under the direction of the Bishop of the Diocese of Austin.

Mt.Calvary Cemetery